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  • 20 years of IT and media background

  •  Nearly 13 years of market, management and organizational experience in different initiatives 

  •  Throughout all these periods, we have developed an understanding and approach focused on understanding customer needs and developing the right solution 

  •  A well-established team with strong references and experience and rapid growth despite all unfavorable economic conditions and impacts trend!

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 Mobi: Field Management Solution

It is a unique and comprehensive field management solution that allows all processes in the field to be tracked on a work order, warehouse and material, team and personnel basis. Full control over the entire field!


It is an innovative product that anyone who can use office programs at a basic level with a simple editor can produce EPUB and even create custom-designed print-ready PDFs.


Our guide application, developed for large companies looking to tackle the challenges of personnel management, simplifies personnel management, leading to time and resource savings.

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